A tough story of leather

Quality leather from Italy? That was once!

In the years 2011 to 2014 New Model Center Development Association (ABI) and Clean Clothes Campaign (Abiti Puliti) screened the working conditions in the district of Santa Croce, Tuscany, Italy. The district is one of the largest producers in Italy and employs around 12,700 people, the majority from low-wage countries such as Romania. The tanneries produce exclusively for luxury brands.

From inhumane working conditions, diseases associated with the tanning of the hides, failure to declare goods and human rights violations, the report does not leave a good impression. 

French investigative journalists were also able to prove that the majority of the hides and furs in Santa Croce come from China, but are declared as Italian leather. Even the middlemen had no idea and trusted the contracts.

"It is important to HSF to avoid such conditions at all costs. That is why HSF relies on regular contact with the producers in Iran. Through on-site visits, HSF knows how the products are produced."

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Copyright and source: Labor Behind The Label | SF DRS

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