Is there such a thing like natural leather?

Again and again I come across companies that advertise natural leather. In an earlier blog entry (see "the tanning") I explained that natural leather does not exist. Leather is produced through chemical processes, either on a vegetable basis, synthetic basis or on the basis of mineral tanning agents such as chrome, aluminum or zirconium. In any case, chemical tanning agents are involved. As a result, there is no such thing as natural leather.

Why people keep talking about natural leather is easy to explain: It sells better and is based on disknowledge.

"HSF stands for chrome tanning. This provides many advantages over vegetable tanning."

Chrome tanning is often declared to be hazardous to health. At this point I would like to make it clear that a correct tanning process with chrome III salts is considered to be harmless to health. 

Chrome is even produced when tanning on a vegetable basis. However, the level is very low with a maximum of 0.1% chrome III content.

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Source: The Gerber - Professional Leather Production (Gerhard E. Moog)

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