Why leather products from Iran?

Iran has a long history of leather production. Beginning in what was then Mesopotamia (now Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and southern Turkey) more than 6,000 years ago, leather was produced by the use of alum. This particularly bright leather was used as parchment to write down experiences.

During Ahmad Shah Qajar's reign in the early 20th century (see picture below), the Iranians imported leather processing machines from the West, laying the foundation for Iran's modern leather industry.

In the first Pahlavi era, German companies began to invest in the Iranian leather industry. As a result, in 1931 the Khosravi leather manufactory in Tabriz, Iran, became the largest (with 533 employees) and the most modern leather manufacturer in the world.

Before the Islamic revolution in 1979, leather manufacturing became the most lucrative business in the country, and after the revolution it was a tough act to follow regarding global sanctions against Iran.

Due to the huge grassy areas, Iran today has great potential for leather production and (still) has a small influence in the global market. There are about 170 leather companies in Iran with an annual production of about 418,000 square meters of leather.


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