The leather


Leather is a surface material made from animal skin that has been given new properties through chemical treatment and mechanical processing while maintaining the natural fiber structure. Leather is not a natural product but is made from a natural product or by-product through chemical processes. There are different types of leather.

Leather is:

  • rot resistant
  • temperature resistant
  • warming
  • staying soft
  • hygienic to wear
  • breathable
  • impermeable to water
  • tear-resistant
  • durable
  • versatile

The long way to the finished product

The origin of the leather

HSF offers premium full-grain leather. The hides originate exclusively in Iran resp. Pakistan and are processed into leather in Iranian tanneries. Then the leather is cut and sewn to the finished product. This is the only way HSF can offer exotic leathers that are standard in the Middle East.

Camel leather

Camel leather contains ten times more fibers than cow leather and is therefore significantly more resistant and durable. Camel leather is rare, precious and exotic. They are mainly used for bags, backpacks and wallets. The leather is exclusively processed into smooth leather and suede. (see picture below).

Ostrich leather

Ostrich leather is characterized by its softness and usually turns into smooth leather. The knobbed grain pattern is characteristic of ostrich leather and gives it an unmistakable appearance (see picture below, smooth leather). The feathers were previously included where the knobs can be seen. The valuable leather is often made into bags or wallets, and occasionally into shoes. The skin of the ostrich can be processed by the body, but also the legs and feet are used.


Roan is often used for jackets and coats. The structure of the leather is related to goat skin. Roan left in its natural state has a very high absorption capacity for moisture, is loose-grained and therefore particularly flexible, buttery soft and supple.

cow leather

The most widely used leather. The uses of cow leather are diverse and are often used for bags, shoes, furniture and belts. The leather is characterized by its strength and stability and, depending on the processing, can have a grain structure (see picture below).